About Us.

Company profile:

Beautifully printed Founded in 1996, twenty years we gather knowledge from Chinese and Western culture, adhere to high quality to price for the purpose, dedication to service local customers Huayang, currently the largest and most powerful technical strength and reputation of the best male It ranks first among the local Asian printing companies in the industry, and is also the oldest and largest Chinese printing factory in New Zealand. The company equipment, sophisticated technology, design, plate making, from monochrome to six-color printing, binding, folding, stamping, die-cutting technology in a. The production capacity covers various needs from design and printing. We can print things that most of our peers cannot complete, such as cartons, invoices, roll labels, etc., without the need to fake hands with others. Because of the fast and high-quality service, the printing cost is reduced. the price is more reasonable and competitive!


Others can not, we can still do it, others can do, and we will do cheaper and better!

Scope of business-design and printing

Magazines, books, business cards, labels, boxes, menus, flyers and product descriptions, letterhead, envelopes, invoice book, folders, posters, calendars, light boxes advertising signs, seals and other